freelancers are amazing

We empower freelancers and small businesses to do their best work and fulfill their visions and find freedom through our podcast through workshops through courses and more.

Whether you are a one on one freelance working on gigs, or an entrepreneur trying to boot strap your own business, the work you do is meaningful and your story has power, and we’re here to support and equip you every step of the way. 

Five things we love about freelancers: 


Freelancers prioritize FAMILY AND FLEXIBILITY


Freelancers have an OWNERSHIP mentality


Freelancers value EFFICIENCY AND GRIT




Freelancers know how to COLLABORATE

Curious about working with us? 

We’re always looking for top talent. 

Every one of these things aligns with our company values- they are inherent to the character and work styles of the people on our team. They don’t need to be taught or continually reinforced. Instead they are built into the core of every person we hitch partner with.

Our clients are relentless in the pursuit of their dreams and goals, and our freelancers match that energy and drive without hesitation.

Every Freelance Circus team member bring an incredible wealth of experience to the table, which is why we can proudly call ourselves a “one-stop-shop” agency. If a client needs something done that is not currently in our service list, we won’t outsource the work to a whitelabeled agency – we will handpick an expert and will bring them onto our team.